Nice Lid!

Western Specialty Contractors - St. Louis Branch recently completed a project to... More

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BASF Partners with Concrete Preservation Institute to Preserve Alcatraz

Program develops future construction industry leaders and advances sustainable use... More

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Rapid Set Makes Emergency Repairs

Poor consolidation at the PT anchors left large voids. More

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New York Public Library Project Poses Unique Challenges

Learn how one solution delivered on the mandate of perfectly flat floors and zero... More

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Boston University School of Law, Boston

Aesthetics was important, which required the contractor to achieve the perfect... More

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Facing a Tight Schedule

The use of fast-setting grout benefitted the Highway J Bridge replacement project. More

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Renovation of Baltimore's Historic Hippodrome Theater

Dealing with unexpected job conditions midway through a project is a challenge for any contractor, especially when there’s not enough time or money to make the changes. Because of its extensive experience and by using creativity and management skills, Structural Preservation Systems, Inc. (SPS), one of the specialty contractors for Baltimore’s historic Hippodrome Theater renovation, was able to meet the challenge head-on. By performing structural concrete repairs on this $56 million project, SPS helped set the stage for success. More

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Repairing Historic Concrete

There are many challenges unique to repairing historic concrete, not the least of which is matching the color, finish, and texture of the existing concrete as closely as possible. Repair of historic concrete should begin with an investigation of the concrete to evaluate the existing condition and determine the causes of distress and deterioration. More

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Recycling Concrete Pavements

Breaking up an old concrete pavement and reusing it as aggregate is a cost-effective option for reconstructing deteriorated pavements. Recycling eliminates disposal problems and tipping fees. In urban areas where landfill space is scarce, dumping concrete is difficult and costly. The cost of recycling concrete pavements only includes the cost of crushing. Costs for aggregate hauling and concrete disposal are eliminated. More

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Board Marked Concrete Made to Order

The Orlando Public Library, the largest public library in Florida, is a noteworthy example of how historic preservation can be achieved while expanding the size of a building. More

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