The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) announced the winners of its 2019 Project Awards. The Ile-aux-Tourtes Bridge Rehabilitation was chosen as the ICRI 2019 Project of the Year. This year, three finalists were chosen, and the winner was announced at awards ceremony on November 12, 2019.

ICRI presented the award to Sika Canada, Inc. on November 12, 2019 at the ICRI 2019 Fall Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ile-aux-Tourtes Bridge, a 54-year-old highway structure in a Montreal suburb, needed repairs due to corrosion of prestressed strands in concrete girders. A complex mix of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CRFP) fabric and external post-tensioning have been put in place to provide the structure with 15 more years of service. Some of the latest technologies in construction were used including the 3D scanning of bridge elements and radar detection of steel reinforcement and prestressed cables. Concrete slab and girders also needed repairs with mortars and epoxy injections.

ICRI awarded seven additional 2019 Awards of Excellence. Detailed descriptions of the winning projects can be found in the November/December 2019 issue of the Concrete Repair Bulletin and at
Historic Category Napa Valley Courthouse, Napa, California

Water Structures Category
Repairs & Strengthening to Brick Arch Masonry
Storm Water Drains for MCGM, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

High-Rise Category
Signature Place Condominium, St. Petersburg, Florida

Longevity Category
Lake Merritt Boathouse – 10 Years Later, Oakland, California

Parking Structures Category
University of Houston East Garage, Fire Emergency Response, Houston, Texas

Parking Structures Category
The Promenade Apartments, New York City, New York

Special Projects Category
Eisenhower Barracks at West Point, West Point, New York

ICRI also awarded seven Awards of Merit.High-Rise Category: The Ritz Carlton Naples Façade Repair, Naples, Florida
Historic Category : Northeastern State University Wilson Hall Renovation, Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Historic Category: The Lancaster Hotel, Houston, Texas
Longevity Category: Sound of the Sea II, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Parking Structures Category: Poff Federal Building, Birmingham, Alabama
Special Project Category :Trinity Stadium Rehabilitation , Haverhill, Massachusetts
Water Structures Category Innovative Repairs Restore Northern Spillway Pier, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Contact Dale Regnier, ICRI Chapter Relations Director, if you are interested in the availability of high-resolution photographs for many of the winning projects listed above.

ICRI, a nonprofit association with more than 2400 members worldwide, is the leading resource for education and information to improve the quality of repair, restoration, and protection of concrete and other structures in accordance with consensus criteria.

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