These three concrete homes showcase the versatility and beauty of concrete.

Felipe Assadi, Chile

This concrete home along the Chilean coastline, showcases a modern use of concrete. The home is surrounded by an array of windows that face the South Pacific Ocean that offers residents the ability to be up-close with nature.

T38 Studio, Japan

Facing a reflecting pool and a courtyard aligned with trees, this home showcases a modern use of concrete. The home not only is aesthetically pleasing, but also provides security where oftentimes concrete creates a “fortress-like” feel that foregoes aesthetics.

Kubota Architect Atelier, Japan

Using six slabs of thin concrete forms for the floors and walls, this home showcases all of the unique ways to create a home out of concrete. In fact, the home cuts into the side of a mountain in Japan using concrete.

This four-floor home is "sandwiched in between two vertical planes of concrete, while the uppermost level is fully exposed and sheathed in glass.”