It's a highly known fact that I get very excited when I talk about the Concrete Home Building Council and our involvement in the residential industry. If you've heard me speak, you may be saying, to yourself “Yes, a little too excited, but I wish we had someone like her in my organization, or someone like her who can push my product.” Am I right?

There is a reason all of you pick up Residential Concrete, Concrete Construction, and Masonry Construction magazines each month; because you get just as excited about what you do. You want to hear what others are doing and how you could improve your own business. With this in mind, the Concrete Home Building Council has developed eight different cement-based educational programs, with more to come next year. Written to educate the home building industry on what the cement and concrete industry can offer, these tools can help spread the word to home builders.

While this may not be the route you normally take, it's important to communicate with your local home builders association of this educational opportunity. First, make them aware of what their members are doing in this market and how many yards of concrete are used per year in the residential industry. In doing so, they may realize that concrete isn't just the gray boring stuff and that there is much more to it.

After opening their ears to the possibilities of concrete, let them know about the new CHBC educational program that their members can participate in and which will create an additional revenue source for the association. With their eyes and ears open, your local HBA is excited because they can offer a new resource to its members while making money, and you can show off the industry you love.

Once the excitement is there, don't stop. Help recruit attendees and find a sponsor for the event—which can have a booth in the back of the room for product display and company promotion. Make it your goal for the first educational course at your local HBA to be a success. Remember, one successful event can open the door for at least seven more.

Dawn Faull, Concrete Home Building Council, Building Systems Council, National Association of Home Builders
Dawn Faull, Concrete Home Building Council, Building Systems Council, National Association of Home Builders

If you have tried working with your HBA before and have been unsuccessful, try another angle. Approach the top sponsors of your HBA and share the same statistical information. Someone will listen; you just need to talk the right language.

I encourage each of you to get excited about what you do in the industry. Ask your local HBA if you can sponsor a great educational opportunity through NAHB's Concrete Home Building Council. Use your industry allies to promote and make this a success. I know we are out there in mass. Why else would World of Concrete consistently receive more than 70,000 attendees each year? Let's share this excitement, find out what drives your local HBA, and help build the cement-based residential market with this in mind.

Remember, every home has cement in it, so why aren't we telling everyone what it is and how we do it?

To get a listing of the educational opportunities available, e-mail [email protected] or visit Check back often as we plan to add more courses throughout next year.

Courses available today!

Concrete Mix Designs, Construction Guidelines & Troubleshooting (4 hrs.)

Handling Moisture Behind Brick Veneers to Back-Up Walls (4 hrs.)

Best Practices for Concrete Pavers & Segmental Retaining Wall Systems (4 hrs.)

Concrete Masonry Home Building (4 hrs.)

Precast Concrete Home Building (4 hrs.)

Insulated Concrete Forms (8 hrs.—Hands-on training program for superintendents)

Building with Insulating Concrete Forms (8 hrs.—Business management side)

Cast-in-Place Concrete Construction (4 hrs.—Business management side)