It’s wise to use use the products you are selling. The owners of Dancer Concrete Design did just that in their renovated master bedroom space, hallways, and bathroom. The Dancers have always appreciated the inherent beauty of concrete and decided that it was the best solution for their mid-century modern home. This flooring system is going to get the ultimate test in durability and performance for a space that houses two young boys, a black lab and a cat.

The home was built in 1957 and was calling for a fresh look of flooring, paint, and a small bathroom renovation. Nick and Alexis decided to take a modern spin on the mid-century classics and make their master bedroom space modern and light with a minimalist approach to the design. Borrowing teachings from the Bauhaus movement as well as modern designs, the Dancers sought to create a space that was relaxing, comfortable, and easy to maintain. That easy maintenance begins with their choice of a polished concrete floor.

The polished concrete begins in the hallway off of the home’s front entrance and flows seamlessly to the back master bedroom. This polished floor’s natural color accents the home's modern décor and a light salt-and-pepper aggregate exposure gives the floor a slight visual texture to add interest.

The home’s flooring was previously covered in carpet and tack-strips; a problem traditionally solved by applying a 1/8” raised concrete coating boarder on the floor’s perimeter. In order to achieve the modern and seamless feel that was desired, the Dancers decided to cover the entire floor with a 3/8” overlay that could then be polished. Not only did this product allow the team to complete a concrete floor without cut joints or other visual obstructions, but it also allowed them to match the concrete up to existing flooring materials such as carpet without major changes in floor heights.

The best part of this project may be the tricky installation around the marble tile that spills out of the bathroom and smoothly transitions to the new polished concrete. The skilled craftsmen were able to raise up the concrete with the overlay and carefully polish around the marble as well as around many tight corners and door jams.

This project is a great example of using polished concrete to connect spaces with flooring allowing your design to flow functionally and aesthetically.