2014 Institutional Winner

The owner of this project had a vision, based on another Department of Motor Vehicles facility he had seen a year prior. Unfortunately, that vision did not include details on how the other facility’s concrete was placed or finished. But Diacon’s job as the installer was to realize that vision, and the contractor needed to get involved before the concrete was mixed or poured to help create the correct mix design.

Luckily, the general contractor (GC) was heavily involved from day one, holding informative meetings and making sure all the right people were talking and every player understood how one contractor’s work affects others’ work. In this way, the GC had positioned every subcontractor for success.

When it was time for Diacon to perform work, 28 days after the slab was poured, the crew started with a wet 16-grit cut, followed by a dry 16-grit cut, and from there continued dry throughout the remainder of the process. They stopped at an 800-grit finish, but it looks more like a 3,000-grit finish.