Edwards Concrete Company competed 11982 sqft of integrally colored diamond polished concrete slab the consisted of 533 labor man hours, over 40 gallons of l.m. scofield Formula One Lithium Denisifer and L.M. Scofield Repello.  HTC Polish Equipment and many 80-1500 grit metal diamonds from HTC.  This project was very interesting and complicated at the same time, we had to work on this project in three different phases.   Phase One was the Living Quarters, Phase Two was the Admistractive Offices and Phase Three  which was the Apparatus Bay gave us the most challenges, when it came to grinding the floors our machines can only do flat suraces so to keep from destroying the machines.  Edwards Concrete had to hand grind the slabs in the areas around all the drains in the Apparatus Bay to match the rest of the floor.    Edwards Concrete not only delivered an outstanding finish product , but also created the standard  by which future county fire stations polished floors will be judged as well as the specification by which  all future fire  stations will be bid.