Category: Landscaping
Location: Springfield, NJ
Size: 85000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Over 85,000 AB Classic blocks - approx 1 sq ft each 70 ft total height.
Submitted by: Allan Block

Project Description

The project consisted of 17 Allan Block retaining walls, when finished used over 85,000 AB Classic blocks with a finished wall height of 70 ft. The site civil firm needed to start with a large flat area. Garden Homes wanted more than 1 large retaining wall, they chose to break the height into shorter terraces with accent landscaping on each level. The walls no only created the space for the building but also support the parking lots, recreational areas and in some areas support the condos themselves. Porcello Engineering and Pillari, LLC were chosen due to knowledge of SRW walls. Clayton Block of Edison, NJ is the local manufacturer of Allan Block which was the retaining wall system chosen for the project. During the beginning of the project the focus was on building as much wall as possible and getting the utilities in place. The lower walls were between 10 and 20 feet. Installing the grid in these walls posed a challenge to the required grid lengths. As they reached the top of the plateau, the building construction started and the wall progressed slowed to accommodate more detailed installation such as stairs, railings and planters. Many of the smaller walls were directly incorporated into the building's aesthetic design. One of the more interesting aspects of the wall construction was the incorporation of an air ventilation system for the underground parking garage. The design called for a 4 ft round air duct with a concrete headwall built into the wall. The installers built the wall up to either side of the duct to help form the sides of the headwall, then the bottom and sides of the headwall were formed and cast. The Allan Block SRW unit walls were then built up to a point level with where the top of the headwall would be. Pillari used the same building technique they would if the duct had been a large drain pipe or culvert.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Site Civil Firm Company: Casey and Keller Inc., Millburn, NJ

Structural Engineer' s Name: Fred Porcello PE Company: Porcello Engineering, Pine Brook, NJ

General Contractor Company: Pillari, LLC, Howell, NJ

Masonry Supplier Name: Don Clayton Company: Clayton Block Company, Edison, NJ
Phone: (732) 751-3862