2014 Craftsman (Commercial) Winner

Before polishing the advertising agency’s existing 5500 square feet of concrete flooring, Philadelphia Polished Concrete had to first remove old, existing glue. The contractor started with a 30-grit diamond tool, but after two weeks of grinding discovered that someone previously took a cup grinder to level many areas of the floor. So the grinding machine operators then had to start over with 6 grit and work their way up. The crew stained two different areas of flooring (upper and lower levels) with Scofield’s Formula One Dye, applied Scofield’s lithium densifier, and polished up to 3000 grit.

Next was to create a “wow” factor for clients walking through the door. As a centerpiece in the main foyer, the contractor decided to cast in place a 10-foot-long, two-level, curved reception desk and color and polish it to match the floor. The crew etched the company’s logo on the floor in front of the desk, and installed 140 linear feet of 5-inch-high cove base molding, coloring and polishing it to complete a stunning entrance.

The contractor etched a second logo between two color transition areas in the building. The logo, “Do the ordinary extraordinarily well,” is a company motto, and its placement serves as a reminder to employees as they enter the cafe area.