This was a decorative stamped concrete overlay installed over an existing concrete floor. Contractor Michael Day used all Elite Crete products on this project: Texture Pave, Thin Finish, Ultra Stone Colorant, E-100 PT1 Epoxy, and Urethane coating.

He removed all the existing carpets and tile on the floors, then mechanically ground the surface to prep the concrete for the overlay. He acid washed the concrete floors, neutralized them, and then applied a bond coat of thin finish. After the bond coat was dry, he applied a second bond coat of thin finish. While that was still wet, he applied the overlay.

Finally, he stamped the overlay using Elite Crete's texture mats. When he could walk on the overlay and not leave footprints, he carved the grout lines by hand. He colored the stones with beige colorant and highlighted them with chocolate and charcoal accents. To complete the project, he grouted the lines, and applied two coats of epoxy and one coat of urethane with a slip resistant additive.