When customers visit a car dealer, they are often impressed by the shiny new models parked on the showroom floor. Dealers want to expand this shine to the shop where mechanics do repairs and get the new vehicles ready for customers. This surface is larger than the showroom, and these floors throw off a nice shine themselves.

The new Ganley Toyota Superstore in Akron, Ohio, required a concrete coating that is chemically resistant to automotive fluids and has a non-slip surface for safety.

Yet the surface had to be easy to clean and have a world-class appearance.

The project included a 15,200-square-foot service area, and write-up area of 2860 square feet. The flooring system installed by Prime Polymers, of Medina, Ohio, consisted of one coat of epoxy primer and a pigmented grout coat of epoxy. This was top-coated with pigmented urethane with a non-skid aggregate. The color scheme was standard gray with safety red traffic lines. Three 4x2-foot vinyl Toyota emblem logos were placed in the write-up bays.

The first step was assessing the new concrete's condition before applying the coating. A vapor barrier was installed during the pour. After an hydrous calcium chloride test showed passing levels, Prime Polymers'installation crew went to work. This included shot-blasting to prep the concrete to allow the coatings to adhere to the substrate. Control joints were then filled with polyurea to create a seamless floor.

Next, the epoxy primer was squeegeed and rolled onto the floor, followed by pigmented grout coat of epoxy squeegeed at 10-mil. The top coat of pigmented chemical-resistant urethane with glass bead aggregate was rolled and back-rolled. This prevents skids. Once the three Toyota logo emblems were set, clear urethane was rolled over them. Lastly, 4-inch safety red traffic lines were installed. A seven-man crew completed the work over a three-day weekend.

The author is marketing director of Prime Polymers, Medina, Ohio. The company also specializes in epoxy mortar resurfacers, an overlay for current new or worn concrete surface. With a PSI at least three times the strength of concrete, Prime Polymers'resurfacer is specified in high abuse areas, including manufacturing and dock areas. For more, phone 800-381-8883, or visitwww.primepolymers.com.

Owner: Ganley Akron Properties LLC, Akron, Ohio

General Contractor: The Darden Co., Bedford Heights, Ohio

Flooring Contractor: Prime Polymers Inc., Medina, Ohio