Type: Multi Family Housing Definition: New


PROJECT OF THE YEAR: MULTI-FAMILY Architect/Designer – Tinaglia Architects, Inc., Arlington Heights, IL
Masonry Contractor – Midwest Masonry, Inc., Mundelein, IL
Masonry Supplier – Illinois Brick, Chicago, IL
Masonry Supplier – Building Stone Products, Inc., Lemont, IL
Masonry Supplier – Architectural Cast Stone, West Chicago, IL

The Providence is nestled in a refined “new urban” setting. Blending in with the historical architecture of Palatine, the uniquely designed development promotes a new definition for luxury living, combining condominiums, lofts, and distinctive storefronts providing services such as dining, entertainment, and shopping.

The storefront buildings give the impression that they were built independently from each other. These storefronts combine customized brick and stone shapes to help form a charming old world architectural design. Above these distinctive storefronts are luxury living lofts. To further enhance the Providence development, a nine-story condominium building provides a variety of architectural components incorporating brick and stone to enhance its exterior beauty. An impressive precast arch, with intricate detail inside and out, provides a striking entrance leading to the upscale one, two, and three bedroom condominiums.

With The Providence’s location in the heart of Palatine, the heavily populated surroundings greatly increased the difficulty of construction, and safety became the first priority. Foremen on the Providence project conducted weekly safety meetings with all employees on site. Also, an independent safety agency conducted jobsite visits to insure that the project was as safe as possible. From the first to last day working on the Providence project, Midwest Masonry, Inc. made every effort to identify potential hazards, correct them promptly, and prevent the hazard from occurring again. Since Midwest Masonry, Inc. did not have any accidents or injuries while working on the Providence project, our safety policy proved to be extremely effective and valuable.

Such a comprehensive and extensive construction project also required close coordination among all of the contracting trades. The coordination was necessary in order to successfully complete the project within the small time frame allotted. With the cooperation among the trades, Midwest Masonry, Inc. was able to finish the entire multi-million dollar project within a mere nine months. The Providence was viewed as a team project, with all of the contractors working together in order to complete the task at hand. The end result was an outstanding architectural project, pleasantly nestled into the downtown business district.