West Coast Reduction's new offices and Art Gallery in Vancouver B.C. includes 4500 sq. ft. of commercial space. Slab-on-grade was poured and seeded with Sechelt Aggregate. Danamac waited 30-plus days after the pour to start onsite.

Polishing procedure was started with a wet grind to 100 using our Terrco 701. Following this, the floors were grouted. Edge grinding was extensively used at all wall edges and where the wood inlay was installed. Dry polish steps (8 diamond steps) were done with our Lavina machine. Space throughout had periodic wood inlay while the owner's office was opposite­-wood throughout with polished concrete inlay. Project took Danamac approximately three weeks from start to finish. The contractor, owner and Danamac were all pleased with the beautiful results - particularly the consistency of the aggregate exposure and polish.