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Drones to the Rescue After Monster Hurricanes Strike

The feds have authorized almost 270 flights since Harvey hit Houston and Irma hit... More

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Don’t Show This to President-Elect Trump

He wants to invest $1 trillion in infrastructure over 10 years, but maybe that’s too much. Despite chronic underfunding, the U.S. still claims the #2 spot for asset productivity worldwide. More

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Smarter lift stations

Smart VFDs use algorithms to estimate flow and whether the pump is running within... More

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Maintenance extends battery life for fleets

Six-step maintenance process extends 12V lead-acid battery life up to five times. More

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Calculating the remaining life of structures

A simple and flexible algorithm helps the City of San Diego save time and money,... More

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Three contracts of interest

Projects include water supply changes, climate change, and energy efficiency. More

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Town initiates groundbreaking climate change study

Paid for by a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resiliency Competitive Grant, the comprehensive project comprises six elements. More

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$250 million water project breaks ground

When completed in 2017, the 13-billion-gallon reservoir will help secure water supply for a drought-prone Texas region. More

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