Curling and Shrinkage

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Troubleshooting Common Slab Problems

Control concrete construction problems before they crop up. More

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There’s No Reason to Crack Up Over Cracks and Crazing

Cracks are inherent to concrete, but can be controlled and even eliminated if you... More

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Hot Weather Concreting in Cold Weather

What to tell your contractor customers about plastic shrinkage cracks. More

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What Do You Know About Concrete Floors?

You'd think that after all these years we would know all there is to know. More

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Quality in Concrete Slabs Luncheon & Forum

The Nuisance and Necessity of Placing Concrete Directly on a Plastic Vapor Retarder. More

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Curing From the Inside Out: How much LWA do I need?

Saturated lightweight aggregate is typically added as fine aggregate, since that... More

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Using Lightweight Aggregate for Internal Curing

Using lightweight aggregate to cure the concrete inside the slab helps resolve... More

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Quality in Concrete Slabs Luncheon and Forum

Do you know everything you need to know about controlling slab shrinkage? Do you... More

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World of Concrete 2015 Preview

World of Concrete 2015 is right around the corner. Register early to save and sign... More

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