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The Concrete Prodcuer 2014 Survey Round-Up

Here are the articles and web extras from the 2014 The Concrete Producer Survey. More

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The Concrete Producer Survey: A Rebuilding Year

Producers try to make the most of an improving economy by focusing on core businesses. Some budgets are still tight; others producers are buying new equipment. More

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New-Generation Forklift

New models are designed to keep truck uptime and driver productivity levels high. More

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Construction Spending Level Climbs Modestly

Total construction spending climbed modestly in May as growth in residential and public construction offset a drop in private nonresidential activity, according to an analysis of new Census Bureau data by the Associated General Contractors of America. Association officials predicted that spending would remain uneven through the second half of 2013. More

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Numer of townships decrease nationwide

According to The Sacramento Bee's analysis of the 2012 Census of Governments, 10 states have fewer townships because of mergers and consolidations. More

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A Community of People

These days, community has gone beyond geography and also refers to any group of people who has something in common, besides living in the same town or neighborhood. Included among these would be ethnic, racial, and religious communities. The Internet has had a lot to do with this. More

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Let's Talk Infrastructure

The Women in Concrete luncheon highlights concrete's important ‘supporting' role. More

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CSDA Reaches to Next Generation

The Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association has created a new association group - NextGen - that's geared toward getting younger cutters involved in networking and sharing ideas. More

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The Millennials are coming

A new generation is entering the workforce, and some say their work philosophy differs vastly from previous generations. Who should adapt to whom? More

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