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So You Call Yourself a Finisher?

Contractors are looking for dependable, reliable, knowledgeable craftsmen who have... More

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Weather-resistive Barrier Strips

Fortifiber Building Systems Group announces the availability of Super Jumbo Tex... More

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March New Products
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Dal-Tie Chiseled Ready Stack

The Chiseled Ready Stack series of manufactured stones combines intricate detail,... More

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Creating Architectural Detail Cost-Effectively

When looking for a cost-effective forming solution, Bryan-Ohlmeier Construction Co... More

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Don't Let a Reentrant Corner Crack Ruin your Image

Reentrant corner cracks can ruin an otherwise impressive slab, whether it be... More

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Engrave-A-Crete Sandroid

The Sandroid makes it possible to profile fine detail onto floor slabs, walls, and... More

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Floor Finishing

What separates the really good contractor from the competition is attention to... More

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Scott System Flex-Liner Formliners

Made of elastomeric-urethane and guaranteed for 100 uses, Flex-Liner formliners... More

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Detail Calls for Wire Mesh That's Continuous Through a Keyway

We're building a floor for which the plans call for keyed construction joints. The plans also call for wire mesh that runs continuous through the joint. We don't think this is a good detail either for constructibility or for floor performance. How can we More

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