Economic Conditions

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COVID-19 Update: ‘Each Market Will Feel the Impact, Every Economy, All of Us’

Meyers chief economist Ali Wolf continues her webinar series with new housing... More

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What Could Upend The Economy?

The trillions in national debt represent the greatest current threat More

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The Economic Expansion Is Breaking Into Record Territory

The three factors that tend to trip up an economic expansion: shocks, excesses,... More

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My Predictions Are Coming True

Why the economy is not slowing, but rather picking up steam in 2019. More

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Construction Job Growth Strong in April

Basu says the case for an economic downturn over the next 12 to 18 months is... More

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Wells Fargo 2019 Construction Industry Forecast

For the eight consecutive year, industry executives say they feel optimistic about... More

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FMI Releases 2019 U.S. and Canada Construction Outlook

The report features construction forecasts for a range of market segments. More

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