Environmental Controls

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US EPA Proposes Changes to Clean Water Act

A clear definition of what are considered "waters of the United States" would... More

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U.S. DOT Announces Final Rule To Accelerate Project Delivery

The rule streamlines environmental procedures for the FRA, FHWA, and FTA in order... More

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Reduce Wastewater Odor Without Enlarging Your Treatment Plant

One Water & Sewer Department’s solution to a common complaint is also lowering... More

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Big Sustainability "Number One Priority" for Major Companies

For a more sustainable world, big companies have to put sustainability into their... More

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Air management system

The GCP AIRtrac air management system measures and monitors the total air content... More

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Environmental Monitoring Product

Specially designed for monitoring LFG extraction systems, flares, and migration... More

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Greenhouse Gases from Cement Production

A good story to tell: cement production represents only 1% of U.S. GHG emissions More

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Slag Recycler Uses Dust Suppression Cannon To Meet Air Quality Regulations

A Canadian environmental solutions firm operating a slag recycling plant in... More

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Proposed EPA Ozone Regulations Jeapordize Construction Employment

PCA estimates that the cement industry alone would have compliance costs and plant closures that could lead to the loss of nearly 900 jobs. More

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