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Transparent barriers mitigate highway noise

The Texas DOT solves two public relations problems with one product. More

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Grip Studs tire studs

Grip Studs are rugged tungsten carbide studs that deliver the traction necessary... More

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Using Prefabricated Wood Forms

Using a prefabricator to create your wood forms is an easy way to get great quality and eliminate carpentry crews onsite. More

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Bosch Power Tools Daredevil Framing Blades

Daredevil framing blades are thin-kerf, extra-hard steel plate blades, with... More

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Steel Wide Flange Beams

Many buildings use steel wide flange beams as lintels in larger masonry openings that have a plate welded to the underside to carry the exterior wythe of brick. Since the steel plate is exposed on the outside and on the inside, this would appear to create thermal short. Is this a problem in cold weather? More

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Scaffolding Planks

The last thing a mason wants to worry about on a busy jobsite is the platform beneath his feet. But without reliable scaffold planks, many masonry projects would literally never get off the ground. More

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9 Axle Hydra-Steer Trailer

Elk River Machine Co. Hydra-Steer trailers deliver self-supporting loads -- even those that are extra-long -- with ease. A push-button steering pendant located inside the tractor cab allows oversized loads, such as beams, to be transported safely and effortlessly. Standard and custom trailers are available in two- and three-axle versions, depending on user needs and state requirements. 877-433-3762. More

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MMX Aluminum Platform Trailer

East Manufacturing Corp. The MMX aluminum platform trailer handles loads up to 72,000 lb concentrated in a 4-ft area on a 48-ft spread axle. Available in lengths up to 53 ft, the trailer's main beams and structural cross-members are constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum, which has all the power and half the weight of steel. The tie-down straps go inside the rub rail, which prevents them from chafing against the winch hook. 888-405-3278. More

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