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How to save 25% on a wayfinding program

Not involving public works from the beginning will increase costs. More

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The importance of keeping curbs raised

QUESTION: Michele, you said you might cover the full side-to-side radius curb ramp... More

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Concrete Do-Gooders

Volunteers from the American Society of Concrete Contractors’ Decorative Concrete... More

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Mini Wireless Controls

Magnetek, Inc. announced the availability of their new line of lightweight, “miniature” transmitters. These compact, lightweight controls provide an effective yet economical solution for controlling small fluid-powered machines used in applications such as construction and work trucks. More

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Diagonal curb ramps are not the best options

I have received multiple requests to discuss the pros and cons of installing... More

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Visualizing your design

Just as public outreach becomes even more important and necessary in public works, we are fortunately seeing the launch of new tools to help us become more successful in our efforts. Social media has improved communication by allowing us to deliver our messages quicker and more efficiently with audiences we might not have reached before. More

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World's Largest Self-Propelled Boom Lift

The JLG 1850SJ offers a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds, allowing operators to move more tools and materials to the elevated worksite. Productivity is further enhanced with faster cycle speeds, enabling the boom to extend from ground to full height in less than five minutes and operators to spend more time working and less time positioning the lift. More

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Paws off the garbage

Department-devised containers avert wildlife-human conflict. More

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