Housing Trends

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Household Growth Moves to the Suburbs

Millennials are finally leaving home and forming households which means increased... More

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Moody’s Global Construction Outlook Confirms My Optimism

Vindication! The credit-ratings agency reiterates what I’ve been saying for two... More

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Can Public Works Keep Up With the Pace of Change?

Four possible scenarios for the future of San Francisco’s water and road networks... More

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Debt Could Freeze Infrastructure’s ‘Primed Pump’

Is debt a subject Americans find too painful to talk about, or is it a case of... More

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Housing and Infrastructure: The Visible Link

Both housing affordability and the nation's infrastructure are broken. Can you fix... More

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Key Metrics That are Positive for Housing

The new home construction cycle still has a long way to go. More

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Tariffic Headaches

Global trade disputes, and the uncertainty, volatility, and risk they cause, are... More

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Housing Starts Reach Post-Recession High

Increase in housing starts will fuel ready-mixed concrete production through 2020. More

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Homeowners' Equity Reaches an All-Time High

Broadening equity values will spur many to seek to “trade up” to larger or newer... More

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