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Masonry Construction Announces Project of the Year

The 2014 Masonry Construction’s Project of the Year winners showcase the significant contributions the masonry industry makes to the advancements in architectural design. More

Decorative Concrete for Inner-city Day Care

Concrete artisans help create a space of learning and nurturing for inner-city... More

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William Jewell College - Pryor Learning Commons

The William Jewell College – Pryor Learning Commons building is a three-level, 25,300 square-foot facility designed to serve as a multi-functional learning center where students engage in classes as well as study time. This new building provides a new gathering place for the student body. More

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Contractors Should Market Completed, Not Awarded, Projects

Every so often, I read a press release of how XYZ Construction Company was awarded (insert high-profile project name) for (insert large amount of money) and how the owner and XYZ look forward to a successful project. Here are my top 5 reasons for promoting construction project Completions as opposed to Awards: More

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Landmark Sustainable Laboratory

Designed as one of the most sustainable research facilities in the world, the J.... More

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CREC Medical Professional and Teacher Preparation Academy

This unique state-of-the-art school, designed by Antinozzi Associates Architects and built by Acranom Masonry features all curved radial walls, with over 300,000 interior vertical scored CMU, 100,000 utility bricks and 12,000 ground face units (4”x16”x24). More

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Monroe Hall - Renovation and Addition

The renovation of New Orleans’ Loyola University’s Monroe Hall is part of a campus-wide construction project that began in 2012. Plans included adding 114,000 square feet to the building, along with a new façade to ‘fit in’ with the other campus structures. More

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Tapping High-Tech Tools

Webcor Concrete handles large-scale wastewater, water treatment, civil... More

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Don’t Pervert the Pervious Pavement

Pervious concrete represents a significant opportunity for concrete flatwork contractors but it’s not as simple as just ordering different material from your producer. You have three chances over the next few months to learn more about pervious concrete and I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. More

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