Overlays and Toppings

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CTS Cement Rapid Set Self-Leveling Topping

Rapid Set Tru Gray Self-leveling architectural topping and resurfacer can be used... More

Decorative Concrete Overlays

There's almost nothing, except crack repair, an overlay can't do to rejuvenate... More

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Pavement protection

Three components that will make or break your crew’s sealcoating productivity. More

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Fighting public urination

Pee-repellant coating gives whizzers a taste of their own medicine. More

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Concrete Overlay Revisited

Technological advances in mix design and construction techniques have allowed for... More

Concrete Log Home

Anyone who’s considered building a log home but was reluctant to deal with their... More

Estimating Materials

Here is how to estimate how much material you will need for an overlay project. More

Following Technical Data Sheets

It is absolutely essential to read in their entirety the technical data sheets... More

Overlay for Vehicle, Pedestrian Traffic

Product provides water- and skid-resistant overlay on bridges, elevated slabs,... More

Repairing Cracks Before Applying Overlays

Understanding the types of cracks and their causes will help you choose the best... More

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