Overlays and Toppings

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Roller compacted concrete: the next paving alternative

Using RCC helped eliminate many of the traditional problems associated with... More

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RCC helps with tight state budgets

More state DOTs are offsetting tight budgets and volatile commodity prices with... More

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RCC: versatile and durable

Four new applications for roller compacted concrete (RCC) pavement. More

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Grade changes threaten road project deadline

Small changes on big projects can lead to a great deal of extra work. This was the... More

TV Studio gets Metallic Expoxy Floor

Metallic epoxy flooring system helps an outdated TV news studio go high-tech. More

Epoxy used on Auto Showroom Floor

An epoxy with color flake system turns a car dealership’s service area into an... More

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Top 10 water utility chooses assessment team

Three consulting firms will recommend a plan for managing more than 7,700 miles of... More

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