Parking Lots and Structures

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Avoid Costly Repairs by Maintaining Your Parking Structure

What signs should you be looking for when it comes to the deterioration of your... More

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Making Parking Structures Last

When maintenance gives way to repair, use these tips to make repairs long-term and... More

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Five Machines Contractors Must Use on Their Next Paving Project

These pavers offer excellent maneuverability and accuracy for the operator. More

Look What I Wake Up To Every Day

What's this type of damage called and how's it fixed? More

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University's First Full-Cast Concrete Parking Structure

Project designed to accommodate future installation of a solar array of... More

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Design-Build: Perceptions in the Industry

Often the benefits of design-build are looked at from the owner’s perspective, since it is the owner who reaps clear advantages from having a single point of responsibility and a firm cost at the outset of a project. More

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Integrating Design and Construction

The design-build delivery method reduces costs and simplifies construction. More

ACI Repair Code

ACI 562 addresses many considerations that are unique to concrete repair. More

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