Pervious Pavement

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Porous Pavement Not Performing as Promised

A nearly half-mile stretch of porous pavement placed in in Jefferson Parish.... More

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Cast-in-Place Permeable Pavement

Meeting California’s demanding stormwater retention requirements with Grasscrete More

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Crisis in Brazil

What's new in concrete construction in the Southern Hemisphere? More

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Thirsty Concrete Absorbs 1,000 Gallons of Water in 60 Seconds

Tarmac has invented a new type of porous concrete that can absorb up to 1,000... More

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Public works departments inch toward recovery

Our survey shows public works departments are finally putting the Great Recession... More

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Using green and gray infrastructure to manage stormwater

As communities with combined sewer overflow problems and/or compliance decrees... More

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Flow-based surrogates in TMDLs

Is EPA backing down on using surrogates or buying time to continue examining the... More

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Now Available: Pervious Concrete Maintenance Guide

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has released a newly revised... More

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