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Save the pollinators

Two organizations team up to help preserve Maryland pollinators. More

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FREE Online Calculator

Some states have lost 90% of their wetlands since the 1950s and, of the ones that are left, many are degraded. The Floristic Quality Assessment Index (FQI) saves time and improves wetland monitoring strategies — assuming you know how to use it. More

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Water- or solvent-borne silane?

When introduced in the 1970s, penetrating sealer formulations were 100% silane. Silanes in and of themselves are not a volatile organic compound (VOC), but they contain VOCs. For example, a 100% silane formulation contains about 350 grams/liter. More

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Fighting public urination

Pee-repellant coating gives whizzers a taste of their own medicine. More

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Fountain repair

It's taking 16 months to repair the Latona Fountain at the Palace of Versailles... More

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New Dissipative Anchor from CINTEC

New anchor is ideal for protecting historic buildings in areas of high seismic activity. More

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Mack Trucks Historical Museum Celebrates 30 Years of Highlighting History

The museum commemorates 114 years of Mack history through photos, memorabilia and a collection of vintage Mack truck models. More

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Building a memory that lasts

Parks department overhauls one of the nation’s largest war memorials. More

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Masonry Construction Announces Project of the Year

The 2014 Masonry Construction’s Project of the Year winners showcase the significant contributions the masonry industry makes to the advancements in architectural design. More

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