Properties of Fresh Concrete

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Inside Information on the Concrete Industry: Artistry in Decorative Concrete

Concrete Construction editor Bill Palmer reviews the month's industry news and... More

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Self-Leveling Overlays for Fast, Flat Floors

Using a self-leveling underlayment instead of finishing a concrete floor,... More

Vertical Concrete Carvings

Today’s specialty concrete has gone vertical, with infinite possibilities for all... More

Polishing Conference Heads to WOC

I am pleased to share with you that a date and place has been set for the next concrete polishing conference. It coincides with my favorite trade show, World of Concrete. More

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FFC Concrete Chuter Provides More Control For Accurate Placement

The FFC Concrete Chuter by Paladin Attachments allows contractors to use a skid-steer loader to go where concrete mixing trucks can’t. More

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Rebar Cutter Bender Combo

Quality Rebar Machines. More

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Fibers for Industrial Slabs

SlabMASTER steel reinforcing fibers CAR-25-CDM give the best compromise between high fiber count and requirements for workability and finishability. More

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Onsite Additions for Concrete

Take several precautions before making any concrete, starting with a trial batch under site conditions. More

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High Strength Concrete Testing Set to Begin

Researchers will study the potential of super-strong concrete enhanced with carbon nanotubes. More

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Concrete Additive for Ready-Mix Concrete

A ready-mix concrete booster that makes concrete stronger, harder and waterproof like no other. More

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