Replacement Projects

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11.3 Miles of Roadway Widening Completed in Less Than Two Years

Maryland DOT celebrates $158 million project the governor required to be finished... More

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Public Works Professionals From Across the U.S. Head to Orlando

There's a LOT more to this city than Disney World. Find out how public agencies in and around Orlando are fueling growth at the American Public Works Association's annual convention in August. More

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Time-Lapse Video: Build a Bridge in 80 Hours

Using accelerated bridge construction methods, the Rhode Island Department of... More

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Lead regulation and transparency

The public relations debacle surrounding tap water in Flint, Mich., is ushering in... More

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Road and sewer project a team effort

City earns engineering award for multifaceted project that used three... More

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Converting sodium lights to LEDs: Spending to save (energy)

Although replacing all of West Richland’s 1,097 streetlight fixtures with LEDs made long-term financial sense, the project came with a hefty pricetag. However, the energy-saving measure was eligible for a series of grants and incentives. More

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Converting sodium lights to LEDs

Small Washington city makes history with streetlight-driven energy metering.... More

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City Awards $9 Million Library Expansion

Built in 1962 and expanded in 1986, the public library in North Bellmore, N.Y., is... More

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Culvert improvement saves money

Public works department and others decide a culvert with reinforced concrete... More

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