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Washington's Spending $1.5 million to Study Ultra-High-Speed Rail

The study is funded through an international public-private partnership looking to... More

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Stantec Wins $7.2 Million Federal Contract

This is the first time the Federal Highway Administration has procured services... More

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GRIDSMART Tackles Road Infrastructure Security

A first-of-its-kind transportation cybersecurity group is created to help industry... More

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Roundabouts Save Lives for 25 Years

Maryland has cut the number of crashes by two-thirds by installing something other... More

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Texas DOT Outsources Alternative Procurement

Five-year, $20-million contract includes engineering services to support planning,... More

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Time to Groove to a New Grind?

The nation’s fourth-largest city finds a cost-effective solution for complaints... More

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Too Close to Home: Infrastructure Inequality in the U.S.

They say America is two worlds: one black, one white. Maybe it’s also two worlds... More

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