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Quest Diamatic BMG 780/735

The Front Wheel Kit for the Diamatic BMG 780/735 lifts the machine to allow for... More

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Olympic Panel Products Barrier Film

Barrier Film premium polymeric overlay applied to dense hardwood-faced plywood and... More

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Western Forms Inc. Aluminum Forming System

This aluminum forming system includes form panels, hardware, tools, and... More

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Titan Formwork Systems LLC Outrigger Platform

The fully assembled Outrigger Platform reduces jobsite labor expense and enhances... More

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On a Roll

Ward Pedley Jr. might be the face of polished concrete. The head of Pedley Concrete in Owensboro, Ky., has been a concrete contractor for 28 years and has branched into polished concrete in just the last two years. More

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Concrete Floor Decks

Reinforced concrete floor decks have become increasingly popular in homes over the... More

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Climbing Jump Forms

Several recent projects display how MEVA's KLK climbing system and Imperial (... More

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Concrete Flatwork, Post-Modern Style

Like colored taffy, strips of the interior concrete floor of Milwaukee's new Midwest Express Convention Center slip under the windows of the building's exterior facade and pass to the outside, where they roll through the gray concrete sidewalk and curl to form flamboyant bus-stop shelters or benches. More

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Bridge Deck Forms Bear the Weight

A Tampa, Fla., contractor cut the time and cost of building a low-profile bridge by using a custom flying deck-forming system that remained rigid under extreme loads and long spans. The 650-foot-long, 90-foot-wide bridge—located on Blind Pass Road (State Road 699) in St. Pete Beach, Fla.—has an 18-inch-thick solid-concrete deck with 40-foot-long spans and no supporting girders. The deck-form panels were designed to support a full bridge span without intermediate supports, eliminating the need for midspan crutch bents. More

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