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Concrete Safe Rooms

Safe rooms are an expanding market for concrete and masonry contractors. Learn... More

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Green Roof Research Confirms Quad-Lock ICFs Provide Thermal Performance

Quad-Lock Building Systems announced the completion of a two-year green roof... More

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Misguided Maintenance Practices Accelerate Deterioration of Historic Landmark

Masonry parapets and a replacement roof interface prove to be the real culprits behind a leaking and staining problem. More

Green Roofs: The Waterproofing Aspects

More green roof assemblies are being installed every year. However, a green roof... More

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Vented Metal Deck

We have installed a metal deck for a roof system on which the engineer has specified a lightweight concrete composite system. We have installed a vented metal decking, but the engineer has requested that solid metal decking be used. With lightweight concr More

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Avoiding Problems Caused by Roof Shrinkage

I have seen cases where roof shrinkage has broken off the top courses of brick masonry. How can parapets be detailed to prevent this from happening? More

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Tips on Roofing Concrete Roof Decks

A properly built concrete roof deck is the best defense against most natural calamities: fire, rain, hail, snow, heat, and cold. More

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Concrete Tiles Put Color on Residential Roofs

With a 50-year life expectancy, concrete roof tiles compare favorably with wood, clay, and asphalt alternatives when a life-cycle cost analysis is made. More

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Positive Waterproofing for Roof

In concrete buildings I am designing it is important that exposed concrete decks over interior spaces be free of leaks. I need a tested and proven admixture or sealer to provide a permanently waterproof deck. The deck will be exposed concrete, subject to More

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Rigid Insulation for Roof Decks

In our area of Florida insulation is required in both the exterior walls and roof. All the insulating firms around here insulate standard homes with wood roofs. We would like to find a rigid insulation that can be placed before the roof is placed. More

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