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Florida's Second-Largest County Replacing Solid Waste Fleet

The county has received 60 of the scheduled 77 vehicles, with 36 already deployed. More

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Does Your Sewer Agency Have an Odor Problem?

ODOR MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 2017 November 1-2, 2017, Los Angeles, California, USA. Hamed Haddad Zadegan Received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Universit... More

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Closed-channel UV system from Neptune Benson

The City of Scottsburg, Ind., has replaced chlorine disinfection with ultraviolet... More

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How valuable are formal programs?

Most of you think using technology to oversee infrastructure is a good idea, but... More

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Using green and gray infrastructure to manage stormwater

As communities with combined sewer overflow problems and/or compliance decrees... More

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Flow-based surrogates in TMDLs

Is EPA backing down on using surrogates or buying time to continue examining the... More

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M12 compact vacuum: the ultimate dust-buster

High-efficiency motor, special battery, and three attachments provide a half-hour... More

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Milwaukee’s Compact Vacuum with Power to Clean Anywhere

Milwaukee Tool expands its M12 System with the introduction of a portable vacuum... More

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Precast Pervious Concrete

Percoa USA LLC has developed and patented precast pervious concrete. More

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