Self-Consolidating Concrete

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Formwork Considerations and Cautions at the Jobsite

Renowned formwork expert Eric Peterson reports on the lateral pressure exerted by... More

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Salesforce Tower

Pumping and placing concrete at these heights in the Bay Area marked a milestone... More

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SCC Today

WOC forum touts self-consolidating concrete for contractors and producers More

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60 Reasons to Celebrate Concrete (11-20)

Photocatalytic concrete, self-consolidating concrete , and Concrete Cares. More

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Formwork for SCC

In response to Bill Palmer's blog "Five Things I Learned at SCC Today,"  Chad Godwin provided some tips on forming: Self consolidating concrete (SCC) is the most expensive to form. More

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Can we Improve Self-Consolidating Concrete?

A Missouri University of Science and Technology researcher is studying how to make... More

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2016 CC Live: Self-Consolidating Concrete Today with William Phelan

Euclid Chemical’s William Phelan discusses the Self-Consolidating Concrete program... More

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Five Things I Learned at SCC Today

For architectural concrete, congested reinforcement, and complex formwork, self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is often the best material to use to produce quality structures and surfaces, was the consensus of a sold-out session at last week’s World of Concrete. More

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