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Blastcrete Equipment RD6536 Skid Steer Pump Attachment

Ideal for ICF, block fill, form and pour, driveways, basements, and various... More

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Blastrac Global Series Shot Blasters

Global series shot blasters—the 1-8DPS30, 1-10DS Global, 1-15DS Global, and 2-20DT... More

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Blastrac High-Life Wheel Kit

The High-Life Wheel Kit is a onetime upgrade for models 1-10D, 1-15D, 2-10D, and 2... More

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Foam Concrete and SCIP

I am planning to build a house using structural concrete insulated panels (SCIP)—that is, foam panels that have wire grids on each side and are faced with shotcrete, such as 3-D panels or the Solarcrete system. Is it possible to use foamed or cellular con More

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White Stains on the Panes

The obvious and overwhelming evidence rendered a summary judgment against the aggregate supplier. But it wasn't over: A trial still ensued over a damage award. More

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Case of Slighted Evidence

More than 100 inground outdoor swimming pools and integral spas—constructed using... More

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ASA Releases Infrastructure Bulletin

The American Shotcrete Association (ASA) recently released a new compilation of papers focusing on shotcrete's use in the repair and rehabilitation of infrastructure. More

Tags: Shotcrete, Repair
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Gunite Supply & Equipment Cyclone Gunite Machine

The Cyclone gunite machine sprays dry-mix gunite material, powered by an air motor... More

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ASA Announces New Online Buyer's Guide

"The ASA Buyers guide provides a new and important tool to locate those companies that continually prove their commitment to the shotcrete process and its quality by supporting ASA thru Corporate Membership" said Joe Hutter, ASA Board Member and Co-Chair More

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