Solid Waste

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Brown and Caldwell Awarded Contract for Ordot Closure Facility

The $6.17 million contract agreement will provide operations and maintenance... More

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Mulching Solution Should Save Small Town $3 Million Over 20 Years

A New York recycling center brings a formerly outsourced operation in-house. More

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County Removes 573,866 Cubic Yards of Debris in 99 Days

This solid waste division’s removal plan serves as model for natural disaster... More

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Hats Off to Actor and Podcast Host Alec Baldwin for Highlighting Public Works

The "Here's the Thing" podcast usually features well-known celebrities. Two... More

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Six Municipal Solid Waste Innovators Receive Awards

Every year, public works agencies do a better job of encouraging others to reduce... More

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Vendors Receive Solid Waste Safety Award

Companies received the “Best Safety Innovation” for their Street Smart Vision 10. More

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Michigan Selects GBB to Plan Sustainable Materials Management Facility

Michigan is pursuing the development of the Resource Park as a key component of is... More

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Recycle ‘Right,’ Not First

Is it time for solid waste agencies to rethink what constitutes a successful... More

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Waste Not, Want Not

The average American throws away more than 4 pounds of trash every day, and there... More

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