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Centrifugal or progressive-cavity sludge pump?

Pumping is the second-largest expense, after labor, for most treatment plants, representing in some cases almost half the facility's annual operating costs. More

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SCC Revisited

When self-consolidating concrete (SCC), first billed as self-compacting concrete,... More

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Polycarboxylate Ether and Slabs

Modern concrete technology has uncoupled workability with water content through... More

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SCC Proves Successful in Repair and Strengthening Projects

One business that is certainly season-driven is skiing. When the owner of an East Coast ski resort realized that a fairly new condominium/hotel facility had construction deficiencies and was in need of repair, finding a quick solution became imperative. More

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Team Workability

Chances are that when a load of concrete shows up at the jobsite, somebody's going... More

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Admixtures and SCC

It's always interesting to know what the changes are in the admixture industry... More

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The New Variety of Polycarboxylate Dispersants

Significant advances in dispersant chemistry have been made in the last decade.... More

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Are Polycarboxylates Worth It?

Is it worth the performance enhancement and peace of mind to go with the more expensive polycarboxylate admixture as opposed to using a naphthalene-, lignin-, or melamine-based admixture? More

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Questions about the effects on curing of temperature and superplasticizers. More

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