Surface Quality

Improve Floor Scraper Efficiency

Changing the angle of a scraper blade can extend tooling life and functionality. More

Name That Imperfection!

Did the client want a rugged, rough-and-tumble finish or did the finishing... More

Annnnnnnd They’re Off!

The race to be recognized as a kick-ass concrete polisher is on. More

Did You Attend the CP&S Show in October?

If so, get 50% off on polished concrete certification. Not a bad deal if it means not having to train new employees yourself. More

Tackling Acid Stain

What you need to know about prepping the floor that most manufacturers don't tell... More

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Ignore Manufacturer's Specifications at Your Own Risk

If you think you can save time and money by not following the manufacturer's... More

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Flashing Primer from Fortifiber

Quick drying and solvent-free, it’s designed to provide a high level of tack on... More

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