Urban Development

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How Ridesharing Services Are Disrupting Urban Design

Autonomous vehicles and services like Uber and Lyft are changing residential... More

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Can Public Works Keep Up With the Pace of Change?

Four possible scenarios for the future of San Francisco’s water and road networks... More

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Communities Benefit from Remediation Strategies

Redevelopment of brownfield sites is largely influenced by environmental concerns... More

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Houston's Counting on New Green Spaces to Ease Future Flooding

Voters approved a $100 million bond referendum for the Bayou Greenways 2020... More

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Using green and gray infrastructure to manage stormwater

As communities with combined sewer overflow problems and/or compliance decrees... More

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50-year-old plant gets $14 million overhaul

In keeping with the state’s nutrient-reduction strategy, the upgrade positions the... More

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City reports 30% road salt use reduction

Lowell, the fourth-largest city in Massachusetts attributes the historic salt... More

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Dropping LEED

Baltimore, one of the first U.S. cities to mandate LEED, has switched to the International Green Construction Code 2012 as an overlay to the city's building, fire, and related codes. More

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Public works department masters strategic planning

The public works department for the City of Largo masters the strategic planning... More

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