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2014 Influencer: SAE Ready-Mix Truck Safety Committee

The Society of Automotive Engineers Ready-Mix Concrete Truck Safety Committee has... More

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Where to find current parking, striping, signage regs

QUESTION: A supervisor recently asked me for information on striping and signage of parking lots for ADA compliance, and I found “ADA Business Brief: Restriping Parking Lots” on the Department of Justice website. However, the document is dated January 2002. Is this information still accurate? More

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Accessible signs should not discriminate

The sign itself does bring about a negative connotation and the code does not require that. More

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Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

I personally spoke with the writer of this question since our paths have crossed before at a disability expo. I found out that the property owner and business owner lost the suit because ADA requirements state that if all entrances are not accessible then the accessible entrance must be identified with the wheelchair logo. It was not. More

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Graphic Products DuraLabel

Use DuraLabel Custom Label Service to create your own multicolor labels and signs... More

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Signs point toward a battle

Citing civic pride and financial constraints, a town fights federal... More

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Signs of the Future

This week, many of you attended the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas, which offered attendees a glimpse into the future-the New American Home. The NAH's exterior walls as well as the foundation walls were constructed using ICFs. Typically, an ICF application helps a homeowner use nearly 70% less energy for heating, and 60% less energy for cooling when compared to a traditional wood frame home. More

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Group Effort

Using a geodatabase to accurately bill service connections. More

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Signs of the time

We hope you've budgeted a significant increase for your department's sign shop, because the newest version of the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is likely to take effect by the end of this year. More

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Brevity--and clarity--are key when putting together a good sign, as these examples indicate. More

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