In April, the staff of PUBLIC WORKS traveled to Beloit, Wis., to see how the city raises sunken concrete gutters back to street level to reduce trip hazards at curbs. The city contracted with CRC Concrete Raising Corp. to perform the work.

The company uses a cementitious slurry to raise slabs and fill the voids beneath them. Holes are drilled into the existing concrete approximately 6 feet apart to allow the slurry to flow into the void (settled area). The holes are approximately 1½ inches to 1¾ inches in diameter, and are patched with concrete upon completion. The raised concrete can sustain a person's body weight immediately, and the area can be driven on in a matter of hours. This process of raising concrete with concrete results in a repair that is impervious to water. It also eliminates the need for re-landscaping and landfill expenses, which often-times are incurred with replacing concrete.

In these videos, Editor in Chief Stephanie Johnston talks with Beloit City Engineer Dan McKeown and CRC Vice President of Marketing David Adams about the work being performed.