Credit: Al Martucci III

In business for just three years, KAM Concrete Pumping, has grown from five employees to 11. It’s a family business owned by father Christopher Clark and daughter Kristin Martucci, and managed by Kristin’s husband, Al Martucci III. KAM specializes in concrete pumping, providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, always with safety in mind.

“Customer growth is based on word of mouth from satisfied customers,” says Al Martucci. In 2010, KAM opened its doors with two booms, and today, the family operation owns five booms and three heavy-duty hydraulic small lines. The company expects to pump 200,000 yards of concrete this year.

Aside from participating in his community, Martucci has managed pump companies since 1995. He has a hand in every phase of the business, including scheduling, communicating with customers, jobsite visits, and employee training. He even spends time performing maintenance and major repairs on equipment when needed.

Because the company is so young, it was a challenge getting financing for equipment. Having operated a successful excavation business for many years, Clark stepped in to help develop relationships with several lending institutions in Florida.

“KAM contributes its success and growth to three things: God, family, and plain old fashioned hard work,” says Martucci. All profits are put back into the equipment and employees. “We feel God’s blessings kept us busy through the recent construction crash,” says Martucci. “We weren’t swamped with work but we had enough to make sure all the employees had enough hours for a paycheck.”

You can expect KAM to be here for many years to come. There are six Martuccis soon to be in training to take care of the company built by their parents and grandparents.