The remote location of this house, which was designed to resemble a woodshed, created many challenges to achieve this finish. Transporting the concrete to the site was a challenge the contractor and the producer were able to overcome. Diagrind worked closely with the concrete contractor to ensure the concrete was placed correctly to achieve the desired finish.

The next major design challenge was when the client requested tiles to be cut into the polished concrete slab and grouted to make the floor look like it was large polished concrete tiles within the residence.

This was done by using long 16-foot tracks by Festool which were suction cupped to the floor after the floor was ground to expose the aggregate, cut with 60 grit diamonds and grouted. The DSC 125 Festool cutter was then used to cut a 4-mm line throughout the slab. A lot of time was spent ensuring that the pattern was uniform throughout the interior and evenly spaced.

Once cut, the cuts were filled with CTS Wunderfixx mixed with 5% black oxide. The floor was then grouted again with 120 grit diamonds and GM3000. Next, the floor was densified with Hiperhard and then Hiperhard Lithium and polished to 1500 grit before being sealed with Hiperguard Premium Enhance. Once the project was completed, Diagrind returned to clean and buff the floor for final presentation to the owners.

This project offered unique challenges for many trades to overcome. Although the project was difficult, the high level of craftsmanship produced a superior result for the client.

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