The SmartRock wireless sensors offer a simple, cloud-based solution to concrete maturity monitoring in accordance with ASTM C1074. In an industry that’s still heavily dependent on traditional strength testing methods (i.e. cylinder breaks)—which are destructive, slow, expensive, and often unreliable—SmartRock aims to introduce more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to concrete testing.

By sending accurate, real-time concrete temperature and strength data instantly to a contractor’s mobile device, SmartRock eliminates hours of manual data collection, removes the need for cylinder break tests, reduces liability, and allows contractors to move their projects along faster. Delays in construction schedules are one of the biggest expenses for contractors. A delay of just one day can cost between $10,000 and $15,000. SmartRock eliminates waiting periods associated with laboratory testing of concrete cylinders, reducing the possibility of delays.

Giatec has received $3.2 million in federal funding to study how SmartRock can reduce CO2 emissions associated with cement production and work towards a cleaner, greener construction industry. Based on the latest calculations, a 10%-20% reduction in CO2 emissions can be achieved with SmartRock in the coming years.

Since SmartRock sensors are fully embedded in the concrete, they keep the jobsite clean and safe, which means no messy wires, accidental damage to equipment, or injury to crew members. No additional hardware or expensive data readers are required, as all data is wirelessly transmitted to the contractor’s smartphone or tablet. Reports can be generated and shared with team members instantly using the free Android/iOS SmartRock application.

As of November 2018, SmartRock is the first concrete sensor and materials testing solution to integrate with Procore’s construction management software, allowing teams to share real-time data for all of their major concrete projects. The SmartRock maturity meters simplify everything from installation and data collection to report generation and data sharing, ensuring faster, safer, and more efficient construction.

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